The Move

Company Overview

The Move is a combination of a Technology Startup and Entertainment company. Striving to produce projects that disrupt and innovate within the entertainment and event market.

Business Name: The Move Entity
M0VE App Business Name: ( M0VE LLC. )
Founded: 2016

Industry: Event market technology, Marketing & Promotion. Concerts & Live events.

Mia Chapman (Co-Founder)
David Sanders (Co-Founder)

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M0VE App Product Description: M0VE is an online community & marketplace for creating & experiencing events, it's also what we call a "Events Network". We exist to close the bridge between Event Creators and Event Goers. By focusing on leading Event Goers to Event Creators, we lead people to events they care about and creators to their target audience.

The Move Entertainment: TME is a full fledge Management and Entertainment Promotion company managed by team of seasoned professionals within the entertainment and promotion industry. Our primary goal is to provide a unique experience anytime we create and host an event. Working together with talented individuals, along with unique marketing and branding strategies we create events that simply produce amazing experiences.

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" ‘M0ve’ app brings event creators & goers together" - M0VE App Profiled by whatsnewonthenet
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"Striving to disrupt, innovate within entertainment, event market | Big Idea Technology finalist"
Chicago Tribune - Red Eye
M0VE 2015 Semi-Finalist
(Disqualified Because Founder Underage)
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